Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

There is no day of the week I cherish more than Sunday. It’s sacred almost – my love affair with these blessed 24 hours. Whilst the rest of my week is an exhausting (and often stressful) whirlwind of early morning runs, countless coffee fuelled hours in the office, gym, swim and late-night study sessions,  Sunday is the day I get to just breathe.

Sunday is my day. 

On my perfect Sunday I wake to natural light. The kind that seeps through the cracks of your blinds and illuminates the room with a warm and subtle glow. The suggestion of a blue sky lingering gingerly behind the glass. The infernal ringing of the work-day alarm is an unwelcome stranger this morning, but will become an irksome friend when Monday comes around all to soon – that is why I treasure these tranquil undisturbed moments in bed, for they are rare.

Breakfast follows, usually. I take a slow drive into town, windows down, letting the fresh morning air fill my lungs and awaken my sleepy mind. Walking through the empty streets, my soulful shoes breathe life into the hollow pathways and lead me to my favourite coffee house. Soft jazz plays in the background; a backing track to the muffled cappuccino conversations and latte laughs.

The coffee is served by a lovely old man with tentative fingers and a mind drowned in more meaningful thoughts than his task at hand. Regardless, he hands me my drink each week with what would have once been considered a smile in his more youthful years, but now only a crease of the lips tickling the hirsute outline of his mouth. Age convenes in the wrinkles of his face, coffee powder and milk stains plaguing his regulation clothing. As I fumble for my money he checks his watch briefly. Time will never move fast enough for him.

I take my large mug of joe to a table by the window, letting the idle words of surrounding customers drift towards my eavesdropping lobes and catching the occasional snippet. Money troubles, a child’s birthday party…

For the next hours I am lost in whatever literature it is I’m reading that week. This week it’s Go Set A Watchman, Harper Lee’s new work (I will be writing a post in the future on my reading list). And for a beautiful while I am transported back to 1950’s Alabama, blissfully unaware of my real surroundings until before I know it I’m sipping the last few drops of my beverage.


“The Lord never sends you more than you can bear…”

After a placid drive home I’ve still got the whole afternoon ahead of me and tend to make the most of this by baking or cooking up something exciting for Sunday lunch. Either way, music will always feature. It changes frequently, but these were the pieces gracing my ears this Sunday arvo…

My Lazy Sunday Afternoon playlist:

1. Midnight Serenade – Glenn Miller  : Sleepy instrumental jazz best enjoyed curled up in fresh bed sheets clutching a hot cup of joe

2. Resolution – Matt Corby : I’ve been a fan of this man and his beautiful face voice  for a while now, but I absolute fell in love with this song listening to it as I drove through the Northern Ireland countryside with it on repeat earlier this month.

3.  Here Comes the Sun – Nina Simone : Okay, okay, I know this is originally a Beatles song but there’s something about Nina’s version that greets your ears like an old friend and a warm embrace.

4. re:stacks – Bon Iver : Gentle acoustics and soft vocals make for the most dreamy soundtrack to a rainy afternoon.

5. Santa Monica Dream – Angus & Julia Stone : These two represent the ultimate sibling goals. I can’t help getting lost in their voices and lyrics, drifting away for 5 and a half minutes of pure bliss.

After Sunday lunch/dinner with family or friends I fit in some low intensity exercise, a peaceful walk through the fields around my village or a relaxing swim at my gym’s pool. Both are a chance to connect with my thoughts and evaluate the week that was and plan for the week that will be. Feeling the warmth on my back as I stroll through pastures and paddocks or the cool freshness as I glide through the water helps me to relax and re-energise.

IMG_1328  IMG_1322

My Sunday follows a manifesto of positivity, serenity and revitalisation. It’s a chance for me to check in with myself mentally and physically. I find that when things move as fast as they do, it’s important to take the opportunity to slow down, stop and take a little time out to just exist. No stress, no worries, just good vibes.

After all, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 

Georgia x